Who I am
Hi, my name is Yash Gupta (Yash is pronounced like hush but with a Y) and I hail from a small town in central India. I have also lived in Pune and Mumbai in India, Greater Toronto area in Canada, and Savannah and Atlanta in Georgia, USA. I currently reside in the greater LA area in beautiful Southern California with my two rescue dogs.
In my free time, I enjoy playing tabletop games(I can get very competitive), reading or cooking-especially for other people.
What I do
I am a UX designer who dabbles in areas of UI design as well as Front end development. My background is in art and animation and have also taken on and enjoyed teaching roles in the past.Currently I am working at a GIS company where I have helped design and build mapping related web applications for our customers as well as our company's web and mobile products.
The Process
With any software targeting enterprises(government agencies as well in my current role) I start by understanding the business and productivity needs of our internal and external clients. However, as a proponent of user centered design, I also perform user research, building personas and user stories. I also rely on other techniques like card sort or tree study studies to gain valuable insight into the end user.
From there I move on to comparative analysis of similar products in the market. This I've found always comes in handy when getting stakeholder buy-in for new designs.
I will leverage all this information and move on to the actual design stage.
The Tools
Sketch and InVision are a great pairing and something I have grown to love in large enterprise settings. I also prototype interactions in Framer studio. I also have years of experience with the Adobe Creative suite applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
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